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   It would be difficult if not impossible to represent all the design variations that are and can be produced. The graph on the following page is intended to be a guide for design purposes. Comparable replacements of other manufacturers’ products are also available.
Our research and engineering staff is available to provide technical support when needed and explain details on design options.
Samples can be provided on request.
   The more information you provide the better we can serve you. If drawings and specifications are available, the design sheet could be used to supplement the existing information. If a replacement is needed for an existing lamp, include the manufacturer’s name and part number.
   The design sheet can be photocopied so information can be faxed to expedite the design process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our design department.

flash tubes shape 1
dwg 1
flash tubes shape 2
dwg 2

flash tubes shape 3
dwg 3
flash tubes shape 4
dwg 4

flash tubes shape 5
dwg 5
flash tubes shape 6
dwg 6

flash tubes shape 7
dwg 7
flash tubes shape 8
dwg 8

flash tubes shape 9
dwg 9

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